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Sales Executive - North Cheshire

Does your busy sales department need an experienced and capable Sales Executive with a proven record?

Mark from North Cheshire is looking for a new challenge locally.

A genuine and straightforward person with real charm Mark interviews exceptionally well. He listened carefully to my questions and gave honest, intelligent and credible answers. Mark is proud of his ability to quickly build trust and rapport with both customer and colleagues alike. Team spirit is very important to Mark, part of the attraction of the job is the camaraderie of a well run sales team.

Mark is routinely a top performer in a fairly large team. He puts his consistency down to hard work, good organisation and helping customer to buy rather than selling cars. Mark has a balanced card of good volume - of both new and used cars - great product upsell and outstanding customer feedback.

Mark is a valued employee in his current business but the organisation has undergone a substantial change in the last year that has resulted in high staff turnover. Mark has tried to weather these difficulties and remain loyal but feels that enough is enough and he must now seek a change.

If you think Mark could fit a gap in your team get in touch please call Darin on 07772 232611.

Please note we have protected our candidates anonymity in this description.

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