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Sales Executive North West

Does your busy sales department need an experienced and capable Sales Executive with a proven record?

James from West Manchester is looking for a new challenge locally.

It did not take many minutes to establish James's quality during his interview. A STAR performer with enormous potential James gave insightful, intelligent and highly credible answers to my questions. 

Charming articulate and with a rock-solid common sense approach James is driven to succeed.

James has a proven track record, particularly on used cars of delivering consistently at a high level. 

Profitable, with excellent volumes James is proud of his excellent customer feedback. When asked the secret of his success James said he tries to learn something new about his role every day and is always working, whilst at work. He is highly commercially aware is up to date with the latest finance product opportunities and relentless about seeking the next sale James is in addition a well-liked and respected team player.

James has made a recent change after a long time with one employer. He feels that the opportunity is not what he was hoping for and wishes to find a progressive local employer who will offer fair reward - and training and development opportunity - in reward for his efforts and undoubted talents.

If you think James could fit a gap in your team get in touch to arrange a chat with him today. Remember Veritas Careers are open for business when you are…. 

If you think James could fit a gap in your team get in touch please call Darin on 07772 232611.

Please note we have protected our candidates anonymity in this description.

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