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Business Manager - Yorkshire

Does your busy sales department need an experienced and capable Business Manager with a proven record?

Steve from Central Yorkshire is looking for a new challenge locally.

I never tire of interviewing STAR's like Steve. A genuinely talented and driven Sales Professional with a peerless pedigree and proven track record. His references speak in glowing terms about his integrity, capability and ability to engage and quickly form strong bonds with customers and colleagues alike. His drive and passion for success are palpable from the moment you begin a conversation.

Steve has been in his two business career an outstanding New and Used Car SE in both prestige and volume. Month in and month out Steve was the top performer in terms of volume, profit and upsell. His disciplined and organised approach combines with a genuine respect for his customers means that Steve rarely has a customer issue and enjoyed top-quartile CSI return. As a BM he has quickly earned the respect of his team and has had an immediate impact on volume and profitability.

Like many top performing SE's he found his success a block to career progression in his former business. To make a move to a BM position he had to walk away from a £50k plus pay packet. The promotion has been a success and he is now is a well respected team member delivering the goods in a business with historic problems and a franchise that has felt the impact of the market slow down more than most.

To get his break Steve has had to accept a long commute and a significantly lower OTE than he is used to - He is grateful to his current business for the opportunity, but having earned his spurs is looking for an employer where his talents and commitment can be exchanged for fair reward.   

If you think Steve could fit a gap in your team get in touch please call David on 07488 297819.

Please note we have protected our candidates anonymity in this description.

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