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Sales Executive - West Yorkshire

Does your busy sales department need an experienced and capable Sales Executive with a proven record?

Carl from the West Yorkshire area is looking for a new opportunity locally.

With a strong desire to over achieve and not settle. Carl is a process driven, dedicated and positive person.

With Carl’s will to do more, he has good consistent numbers averaging between 15 – 20 prestige cars per month and over 35 in new reg months and is always among the top performers. Carl has a well-rounded skill set working with new and used cars and is always willing to develop further.

Carl recently took a leap of faith with the promise of a big earning opportunity but has not settled with the brand or commission system. He is now seeking a new opportunity with a busy business.

If you think Carl could fit a gap in your team, please get in touch, call Darin on 07772 232611.

Please note we have protected our candidates anonymity in this description.

Please Get In Touch Today 

Call Darin on: 07772 232611

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