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Sales Executive

Available Candidate

West Midlands

Does your busy sales department need an experienced and capable Sales Executive with a proven record?

Brad from Birmingham is looking for a new challenge locally.

Brad was a real pleasure to interview, a genuine people person who finds it easy to gain the respect of both customers and colleagues alike. Brad does not believe the key to his success is any secret. Work hard, look after your customers and try your very best is his ethos.

Brad has a stable CV working in a demanding brand. A top performer in a large team, Brad is proud that he has never missed a sales target and always gets outstanding feedback from his customers.

After a long time with one employer, Brad has come to the conclusion that he can advance his career no further in his current post. He therefore reluctantly is seeking a new opportunity with a progressive employer who are happy to harness his talents and work ethic in return for fair reward and progression opportunities in both financial and career terms.

If you think Brad could fit a gap in your team get in touch please call Luke on  07415 692016.

Please note we have protected our candidates anonymity in this description.

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