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See below some of our best candidates who are currently available and recently interviewed by us.


Sales Executive

West Yorkshire

James is currently selling 15 - 20 new and used cars a month - highly profitably and with OUTSTANDING upsell. He is used to being one of the top performing SE's in a big and busy business and being the most profitable bar none. He is also a top-performer regionally on customer feedback. 

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Service Advisor 

North West

With a very stable background and CV Richard has experience of a front desk in both large and small franchise dealerships.

Richard is proud of his customer handling skills, both face to face and over the phone. He see's a very clear link between a fantastic customer experience and upsell pens and profit - Perhaps why he excels at both.

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Business Manager

South Yorkshire

His quiet charm and genuine humility hide a fiercely determined sales professional proud of himself but dedicated to the success of his team. Neil does not pretend to know any shortcuts. Working hard, understanding his business and listening carefully to his tea and his customers are his not so secret formula.

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Sales Executive


With a very level headed, calm under pressure personality his customers really warm to him and are instantly put at ease. He believes this personality trait gives him the edge when selling. Matt's numbers speak volumes, having not missed a target in as long as he can remember and consistently delivering on F&I related targets.

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Service Advisor 


Marie is a young, bright, well presented and outgoing individual with natural charm and an ability to quickly set you at your ease. She currently operates as a competent service advisor.

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