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July Newsletter

The first half of 2020 is done. Probably the most extraordinary year we in the Motortrade have ever faced. The headline figures are frightening, and yet there is also - based on the feedback I have received a great deal to be positive about.

From the opportunity of a rebooted scrapple scheme, addressing low and zero emission cars, the surge in demand for used vehicles, motorcycle sales taking off like never before and the MOT catch-up, Motortrade heroes up and down the land are doing what we do best - Seeking out the opportunities and making the very best of them.

In addition this situation is very different from previous downturns. It is almost entirely about confidence. The banks are strong and happy to lend. The government determined to fight for the real economy not just the traditional institutions.

In our sector, the real clue to the potential speed of a recovery is that many of the larger groups recruitment pages are starting to fill, in some cases just days after making many people redundant.

That is not to say that things will remain the same. Many of the traditional sales skills do not apply in the virtual market that now dominates. Tough times demand the very best talent in a business.

To that end the Veritas Careers team are doubling our effort to find, interview, and reference only the cream of the crop. If your business need exceptional individuals for these exceptional times - Please do get in touch today.

From all of us at Veritas Careers wishing you a great start to July, Q3 and beyond.

Darin Quaintance

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